Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Does love exist?

Hey there.
Are there any people left who still believe love exists and willing to take risks in trusting others? How badly are we deprived of compassion, simple faith and sincere affection, so we're hiding behind these PROFILES. Is there any humanity left, like simple hand touch, smile, kind gesture? Are we, who are looking for somebody to love us and believe in good in people, such an odd kind. No milf seekers!!!! everybody needs love, affection, human touch and feeling of confidence in the other person. Lately I have been working on rediscovering who I really am. Would like to meet somebody intelligent, funny, rather good looking, sensitive and real. Appearance is also important to me. Somebody who can dance, or would be willing to take classes with me, appreciate music and art, who can find balance between work and play. I'm quiet sensitive and have romantic nature (cancer) and believe there is more in life than work, and we should put people first.
P.S. I can still smile ;)
Please have your picture posted!

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